Parker Urban Premium

Parker Urban Premium in Chiselled Pearl Metal.

Please note that this is a brand new genuine Parker product, not pre owned and not a 'Parker Urban Style' pen.  The latter can be had for a few pounds but are nothing short of fake goods.
The Parker Urban Premier is a high quality metal bodied cartridge filler with a unique design.  This particular pen is finished in a most attractive semi matt silver with a chiselled pattern on the cap and barrel.  It has a polished chrome cap band, barrel ring, clip, and cap stud.
At 13.8cm. capped and 14.7cm. posted it is a good sized fountain pen with a solid and well balanced feel.  The pen is designed to be used with the cap posted on the barrel and incorporates a clever 'cushioned' fit when posted so that the cap does not scratch the barrel.  The cap posts firmly and securely on the barrel for writing and closes over the nib with a firm and satisfying 'click'.
Despite the metal construction Parker have managed to keep the weight of the pen down, lightness does matter when using a pen for long periods as any user of a monster Montblanc learns to their cost.
The pen is supplied in original Parker packaging and has never been inked or used and only handled, for photographic purposes.  A new ink cartridge is supplied so the pen is ready to write.  As part of a special purchase I am able to offer this pen at around half the recommended retail price.