Parker Arrow

Parker Arrow Flighter.

Parker Arrow Flighter. 1981.


First year for the Parker Arrow, UL date stamp.

Mint, unused condition, dipped once for testing.

Cartridge/Converter filler.

Good sized pen, 13.3cm. capped and 15cm. posted.

Bright, polished Chrome trim with no marks.

Bark effect, no slip section.

Firm 'click fit' cap.

Stainless bright steel nib.

Lovely writer, smooth, consistent fine line.


There were three Parker pens that had the 'Arrow' name.  In the 1950s a Canadian Arrow was quite similar to the Parker 51, the second version was, essentially a Parker 45.  This version was introduced in 1981, the date stamp shows that this pen was made in the third quarter of that year.


The pen is totally unmarked and I believe uninked.  I dipped the pen to ensure it writes as it should, it is a superb writer. 


The all metal construction and good build quality make this pen about as indestructibl