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Updated: Oct 28, 2020 was designed in early 2020 as a sister site to . The idea was to produce a site devoted solely to vintage Parker pens to accompany the original vintage fountain pen site. Almost as soon as I launched the site the world was turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. I originally thought that the 'stay at home' regime may allow more time to be devoted to developing the site but, as it turned out, there are any more demands on my time as a result of the outbreak, not fewer.

This is aggrevated by the fact that the pen shows are, of course, all cancelled and antique fairs are no longer happening, limiting my quest for high quality Parker pens.

We can only hope that, here in the U.K., the government have got it right and the epidemic will be over in a few months and a vaccine will be found to prevent a reoccurence.

In the meantime I'll continue to add pens to this site and add more articles and reviews to

Best wishes to all and please stay safe.

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